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Art direction - Alex Kaminski

Design - Alex Kaminski



Fictional editorial project FOR 'BEHIND THE BLINDS' Magazine from Belgium.

After analyzing the magazine thoroughly, it was asked to create

an editorial shooting that would fit in just perfectly.

The concept is inspired by Irvine Welsh's "TRAINSPOTTING" from 1993,

later being formed into a movie in 1996 by Danny Boyle.

A project within the Master's course "Fashion Art Direction"

@ POLIMODA Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in Florence, Italy.

photography Marco Marezza

art direction & production Fanny Miner & Yan Mei

co art direction Lu Yunsheng & Bhavisha Bahirwani

concept Fanny Miner & Yan Mei

edit Fanny Miner

styling Yan Mei, Fanny Miner & Ginevra Menon

hair & makeup Chris Sigwarth

model Levi De Jong

casting Yan Mei

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