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hey, what's up?

my alias is

my real name is franziska bergmann,

I’m a skilled graphic designer,

fashion art director and artist

currently based in Munich, Germany.


throughout my education I was

able to study in amazing locations

such as Munich, San Diego and Florence

and gain precious expertise in different

creative fields in metropolises like

Berlin and New York, luckily allowing

me to call many places home.


i'm specialised in

creating visual identities,

evoking creative content

and giving design consultancy

while being experienced in

branding, graphic design,

copywriting & social media.


my passion lies in working on set,

directing editorial shootings, 

helping out with fashion styling

and set design or even be the

photographer myself.

my interdisciplinary approach 

gives me the opportunity to

see all kinds of different

perspectives in creating

the final image.

Maison Minerska is a
one-woman-company offering

a full house of disciplines.

Whether it's art, design or fashion, I truly believe that "things" just need to be set in right context.
If you seek a
visual creator, creative advisor, styling assistant or conceptional thinker, you may have just found yourself the right candidate.

mask design Andrea Grossi



fashion art direction


institute for fashion design & marketing

education & training


Master's course operated in partnership with Vogue Italia with the aim of learning multi-dimensional approaches 

towards the world of magazine media. It was run by teachers and international lecturers additionally with the direct

intervention of professionals from Vogue Italia, ensuring hands-on and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Through this master I gained further skills in creating and presenting complex concepts, communicating and

working with real experts from the fashion industry and proved myself to work successfully under extreme pressure.

My dream of entering the fashion world came true by completing the master's course with a practical part which

in my case was an internship at HEIKE NY in New York City, USA.

focus of the master's course

Fashion Art Direction, Photography & Content Creation

Fashion Styling, Contemporary Fashion & Visual Culture

Fashion Trend Forecasting & Future

Fashion Journalism & Creative Writing

Digital Marketing & Fashion Branding

Advertising, Graphic Design & Design Thinking

photo Mariana Texeira Leite
model Birna Gudmundsdottir



content developer


apparel studio

work experience

2019 - 2020

OnTheSly is a Brooklyn-based apparel studio that focuses on creating unique and functional garments repurposed from second-hand military surplus and post-consumer waste. Their projects function as historical explorations of archival military garments and interventions of the wasteful cycle of fast fashion. With their speciality in altering second-hand military spec, it was the owner’s dream to provide his clients with protective and durable garments while allowing tailored comfort. This brand was re-invented throughout a „studio-at-home“-project in which the owner needed help to implement his brand in the real market. I joined the project while still living in New York City and helped creating a full user journey for a brand that at the time had only one employee so far, me. After a few months we grew to a start-up-size of about five employees, in which I made sure to use all the great influences of our little interdisciplinary team.
I have been doing a great part in finding the brands voice of tone, cooperate identity and design and spent most of my time being their fashion art director and graphic designer. I have built their original first website before it was improved by our team once we grew. After moving back to Germany I continued to work remotely for and managed to not only be a graphic designer and art director but also a general brand consultant for the Brooklyn-based company. 
Unfortunately, after Corona hit, we were all forced to lay down our work on this amazing project that may be brought back to life in the future.

job description overview

Art Direction & Content Creation

Production, Editing & Image Makery

Social Media Management

Brand Consultancy & Management

photo Chris Oaxaca
model Ricky Wolfe, Bianca Grey



social media & fashion branding


luxury womenswear and accessories brand

work experience


While living in one of the largest fashion metropolises I had the chance to take a look into the process of the American fashion industry. My responsibilities as a fashion intern were taking over as a social media manager, but also as the photographer and graphic designer of the brand, creating captivating content and layouts for Social Media, the website or newsletters. Furthermore, I assisted in duties such as generating line sheets, project management, taking over the studio while the owner is absent, scouting out models or influencers and concepting creative ideas for future projects. During this period of time I deepened my passion for scouting potential models or characters additionally to locations and fell in love with the multi-variety of this amazing city.

focus of the internship

Social Media

Content Creation

Brand Management

Sales Assistance

photo Fanny Miner
model Karen Amodio



media- & communication design


university of applied sciences

education & training


Bachelor’s degree that provides the tools to master the whole spectrum of visual design to become an all-rounder

with expert subject knowledge. The curriculum is designed to give students full proficiency across traditional and

digital media design while also fostering their abilities to think outside the box, work in interdisciplinary teams,

understand business models and efficiently manage design projects. Throughout the course, I carried out mainly

practical projects where the theoretical knowledge was applied to real life scenarios, usually in co-operation with real businesses and clients. Soon I found my strengths in presenting strong visual on and offline concepts and finding myself comfortable in the graphic world of communication while having a background of being an artist

and having designed things all my life. For my 6th semester I was able to absolve an internship at the brand agency Blackflagship GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

focus of the bachelor's course

Design Principles, Practices & Methods

Design Thinking & Theory, Semiotic Studies

Corporate Design, Editorial Design & Aesthetics

Visual Design, Audiovisual Media & Foundations in Animation

(Social) Media, Branding, Advertising & Communication Skills

Dramaturgy, Storyboarding & Storytelling

Project Management, Business Planning & Entrepreneurship



branding & graphic design


brand agency

work experience


As part of my Bachelor's degree I absolved a design internship at Blackflagship Brand Agency, located in Berlin, Germany. Throughout this period of time I gained my first real agency experience and was happy to have been

given a lot of responsibility right from the beginning. It was also the time where I was able to see and understand the different aspects and disciplines in the process of creating advertising, branding and concept finding. It made me

realise that design was always a big part in what actually sold the idea, but first the idea itself must be designed, too.

Meeting s with real clients, designing real packaging designs or presenting own concepts were weekly assignments.

Most interesting though personally for me was working with some sort of mentor, an art director, that taught and advised me in so many aspects which also made me grew characteristically and professionally. 

focus of the internship

Graphic Design

Social Media & Copywriting

Concepting & Content Creation

Art Direction

Brand Management

photo Fanny Miner
art Stereoheat

Venice Beach.jpg


digital media design


during my bachelor studies

education & training


Living in California has by no doubt changed my life forever. Leaving my home town, my family, my personal truths for something on the other side of the planet was helping me in growing up so fast in such little time. But also studying in California meant something else than from what I knew from being in Germany all my life. I was able to dig deep into topics at my own pace and loved the intense work we dedicated towards projects always for the duration of one month. Therefore we did our studies project by project, topic by topic, month for month. And I loved it. I was able to gain experience in using the latest tools and technology that make up the media arts workspace or methodologies used for visual communication in business, marketing, education and entertainment while living abroad and being positively challenged by cultural inspiration and participation. I simply fell in love with the land of milk and honey and its people. From that point on I knew I would try to travel as much as I can.

focus of the semester abroad

Intercultural Communication 

Business Communication & Planning

Information- & Communication Design

Screen- & Interface Design

VFX & Motion Design

photo Yunes Alawi


art, design & artisanry

specialized secondary school, design department

education & training


Truth be told: when I was younger I had met with the fact that i was outgoing, easy to remember and strong in personality

but I was never too good at school. I went to a lot of different schools, with different focuses such as language studies or humanistic studies and although I really just wanted to be good at school I couldn't get my focus on those studies.

The turning point was when I realised what I'm really good at: creative ways to express myself, creating in all kinds of forms, drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, styling, designing, writing and so on. I understood that I had a talent that

wasn't supported by any of those schools up until this point. Realising that I've had this in front of me for most of my childhood years it was more or less an easy decision to drop out of secondary school when I was 15 years old, determined to join a junior high school art class in their final year to gain my secondary school certificate in order to be able to then join a specialised secondary school that again focused on art, design and artisanry. And I did, it worked!
I was finally able to recover from feeling and being misunderstood to having my biggest interest as my career tools.

My grades drastically went up and i started having fun going to school.

After graduating at Karlsfeld City College I was able to qualify myself for university admission and therefore

paved my way towards becoming a professional in the creative field, graduating with a master in Fashion Art Direction

by the age of 24.

program & focus of the vocational diploma

focus studies: art and craft, art history, design theory, media

focus practices: wood design, jewelry design, glass construction, paperwork and graphic design

additional practical qualification: internship (advertising department of Regumed Bioresonance Company)

side studies: german, english, maths, history, social studies and sports

art Fanny Miner

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