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:salary men

2019 : florence, italy

photography Fanny Miner

styling João Pereira & Chiara Camerana
concept João Pereira

model Sebastian Riegger

author João Pereira & Chiara Camerana

Inemuri is a Japanese word that translates to « sleep while being present »

This phenomenon has increased in Japan due to long hours of work of the working class. 

Japanese people are notorious for they hard working days, but also for their social gatherings after work who generally elongate until early in the morning. 

 Students also participate to this predicament, juggling between difficult studies, partying and long hours of studying afterwards.

Japanese society is exhausted and sleep deprived. 

Inemuri does not only mean napping, it is also practiced by an individual to build a sphere of privacy and meditation when in public spaces, especially in a city like Tokyo where the private sphere is little to non existant. 

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