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welcome to maison minerska.

since 2018.

online gallery, portfolio & cv of Fanny Miner.

33,3% Bob Ross, with a lot more energy.

33.3% Heidi Klum, when she has her 5 minutes.

33.3% Grimes, when she's being followed by paparazzi.

Whether it's art, design or fashion, I truly believe

that "things" just need to be set in right context in

order to function in different ways.

Maison Minerska is a one-woman-company offering

a full house of disciplines.

In the ball room I'd choose category funky b*tch.
I love flared pants and a good pair of plateau boots

my designs are usually a bit edgy and I usually strive

to only see solutions, no problems.

50% of my time as an artist, designer or art director I find out what doesn't work, in order to understand what actually does work. The other half of the time I just really like to get my hands dirty right away, as a designer I fully understand the perks of having pre-knowledge and speaking as an art director I like imagining what I want to create and evolving while doing so.

It's part of my natural behaviour wanting to better things, especially in an imagery way. visual thinking is what travelled with me all my life.

Hard for me to prove it here but don't you wanna find out?

So, when do you have time?

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